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Christmas Tree Decorating Appt

Christmas Tree Decorating Appt

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Our tree decorator has been designing Christmas trees in prestigious businesses and homes for over 20 years. She works with many companies, organizations and individuals throughout the greater Houston area.  You can view some of her past tree decorating on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/legacyhomedecor where we have created albums each year full of the beautiful trees she’s designed. 

In order to reserve your appointment for our professional tree decorating service, we require a non-refundable $100 deposit. Your balance is due the day of your appointment, less the $100 deposit you paid. We will collect your balance at the close of your appointment on site.

The cost of our tree decorating service is $25 per foot of your tree. For example...if your tree is 8 feet tall, the cost would be $200 ($25 x 8 feet = $200). You would pay $100 for your deposit and the balance of $100 would be collected the day of your appointment (plus this year’s fuel surcharge - pls see below).

*  Please select your date and time from the drop down menu. If your choice shows as "unavailable" or "sold out" someone has already booked that slot so please make another selection.  Please make sure to put this appt on your personal calendar immediately so you don’t miss it.  We had numerous issues with people forgetting to do this last year and wasted a lot of the decorator’s time and gas showing up to homes with people not ready or not even home for their appt.


YOU PROVIDE ALL DECORATING MATERIALS - the cost only covers the decorator doing the decorating for you.

Tree MUST be assembled, in the tree stand, and ready to go when she arrives. All of your decorating supplies must also be out and ready to go upon her arrival. She is on a very tight schedule with her appointments and will not be able to set up your tree for you or wait for you to do it after she arrives. If you are not ready when she arrives, you will forfeit your deposit, will owe the fuel surcharge and you will lose your appointment slot.  Your appt booking time is an estimate of the time she will arrive.  She may be running early or late depending on how the earlier tree appointments your same day went.

*  A ladder needs to be out and ready if your tree is over 8 feet tall. The ladder we will bring will work for up to 8 feet.

*  Please make sure your address at checkout is the address in which the appointment will be held at. If you will be moving between now and then and don't know the address at this time, that's fine. Just be sure to give us the correct address before your appointment.

*  If you already know your tree height - please include it in the notes at checkout. If we do not see it on your transaction, we will contact you to get the info (if known at this time - if not just let us know closer to time).

Additional Fees:

*  Cancellation fee (less than 3 weeks from appt)/no show fee $40

*  Rebooking fee (changing your day/time of your appt) $25

*  Due to increased gas costs this year, the decorator has implemented a fuel surcharge.  If gas drops below $2.40/gal she will go back to her original travel fees. 

Fuel Surcharge Info (calculated from address 6737 Fairmont Pkwy, Pasadena, TX):
0-29 miles  $25
30-39 miles  $35
40-49 miles  $45
50-59 miles  $55
60-69 miles  $65 


These are the things we suggest in order to make the tree look absolutely fabulous as they are very complimentary once it is all put together (see picture as well)

  1. Deco poly mesh (at least 2 rolls…bigger trees will need more)
  2. Large assortment of medium to large balls
  3. Wire edged ribbon (at least 3-5 rolls…more is better)
  4. Decorative tree fillers
  5. Ornament hooks (we do not provide these)

We suggest Legacy & Hobby Lobby as a source for all of the items you will need if you don’t already own them.  Hobby Lobby is usually running 40-50% off their Christmas items, so it is not too early to start buying.  They run out of their best inventory very quickly and do not restock seasonal items, so it’s best not to wait too long to ensure the best possible selection.  I hope this covers all of your questions, but if you have a question not covered above, please use the "Contact Us" tab on the website or email us at info@shoplegacydecor.com and we will get back with you as soon as possible!

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